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Date: 24 February 2010 Category: Coffee Place ดนตรีร้านกาแฟ

As blog in Emporium Rendezvous พบกับ Mola Mola, iHear and KristKwan – Live Band in Emporium Rendezvous, Here is another live band.

I also play with band name “Feel Good”, Me, Mr. Nut and Mr. Canoon who play all around from Jazz, Blue, Bluegrass, Harmonica, Latin, 80’s Pop, Thai Pop, Top chart. These clip is took at same event as before “Emporium Rendezvous”, They play in Ukulele, so no me (TT I can only play trumpet). Their repertoire and skill level is great, please see these vdo clip.

Feel Good, Live band

Feel Good, Live band

plajazz Feelgood

plajazz Feelgood

Nut Guitarist

Nut Guitarist

Canoon, Multi-Instrument

Canoon, Multi-Instrument


UKULELE – I’m Yours

JASON MRAZ, I’m Yours. in ukulele version. sing and play with only two player, but also additional horn player like trumpet/flute/saxophone.

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Over the Rainbow

This classic song is played by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and make famous in “Ukulele”– Hawaiian music instrument, guitar like. “Feel Good Band”play this song in their own style base on what Kamakawiwo do.

นายไข่เจียว – Nai-Khai-Jeaw

Famous thai song “Nai-Khai-Jeaw” (Mr. Omelette Cooker) written by Cha-Leang Band. Humorous in this song is conceptual lyric. To make good omelette with kindful mind.

Special Track

This is my pleasure to see talented beatbox, sing and play ukulele at the same time. He is champion of Thailand-beatbox who impress me with his song, composed by himself.

70-80’s Era

The 70-80’s song, also my favorite. This band play before our event and make me feel like when I was very young again. My time is late 80’s – 90’s (I was born in 1978). But I also listen at that era. This sound make me memorize that style.

Contact Us

Please feel free to email me or my team at Kristkwan@g m a i l . com and platong114@g m a i l . c o m


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